Time for a Positive Change

Time for a Positive Change.


About suephillips

Phillips International helps clients market their business to an international audience through social media, email marketing and strategic alliances. International Business, Services, Opportunities. Finder-Marketing-Social Media-Strategic Alliances http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com My clients: Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Ken Kimmelman, and Imagery Film Ltd http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com/imagery-film-ltd.html Czech-born director/writer/producer, MarieAnna Dvorak of Dvorak Productions http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com/dvorak-productions.html Morris Kaner and Associates http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com/morris-kaner--associates.html Doobie Sabbo of Tours of Israel http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com/tours-of-israel.html Swiss solar energy company Swissmango http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com/swissmango.html eWave TV http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com/ewave-tv.html www.linkedin.com/in/suegreutmannphillips www.twitter.com/suefernphillips
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