Accredited Producers Needed for Independent Film

A  couple of accredited directors are coming up with a true political drama from our history. The script is written from the perspective of the real people and remarkably the story themes are popular today’s topic. Movies with historical events and social themes the audience can relate to have proven to be most successful.

Screenplay option is not available, as these two directors write screenplays only for their own use. Their achievement in writing and directing is documented, as is the truthfulness of the story.

An accredited producer is needed for not to only run the production, but also cooperate in film financing. Please contact: Sue Phillips,


About suephillips

Phillips International helps clients market their business to an international audience through social media, email marketing and strategic alliances. International Business, Services, Opportunities. Finder-Marketing-Social Media-Strategic Alliances My clients: Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Ken Kimmelman, and Imagery Film Ltd Czech-born director/writer/producer, MarieAnna Dvorak of Dvorak Productions Morris Kaner and Associates Doobie Sabbo of Tours of Israel Swiss solar energy company Swissmango eWave TV
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