Postwar Wounds – Spy Era

Franklin Roosevelt: “Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”

With this profound statement, the writer and director, MarieAnna Dvorak, has returned to the past in the political drama feature, Rise of Dawn. She committed herself to years of creative work in order to bring this true story from postwar era to the public, for its themes nowadays pass for genuine. The Rise of Dawn deals with political science that includes history and humanity. Although the story projects lives in two different political regimes after WWII, Eastern Europe and America, it effects all citizens of the world regardless of differences in political, cultural, or religious ethics.

A hundreds films from WWII were made, but the postwar era has been absolutely overlooked. And yet, millions of people suffered, many were killed, others committed suicide and the consequences are still felt. It is wrong to think that this issue doesn’t concern people from the other parts of the world. The victims of the regime now live all over the world and this unfortunate destiny of coming from Nazism to Stalinism will remain in their family history forever. Needless to say that dictatorship still exists on our planet and it’s dangerous. The era of Stalinism behind the Iron Curtain is as important part of our history as is the war.

The Rise of Dawn film is a light musical, filled with the expressive songs of hippies that made the whole society think, dream, made people of the world feel as one. The beautiful classical music and the historical places will bring us to the time that once was called now, and the delicate thoughts of classical playwrights will move our hearts and enrich our souls.

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